Alyssa Jayne (safetydancer) wrote in eff_boys,
Alyssa Jayne

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Why, hello..

Hi everyone. My name is Alyssa.. and I'd like to say, Eff boys because they make me sad. They lie, they cheat, they are insensative, they don't understand, and they just proceed to make my life harder than it needs to be.

I'd like to say I'm being strong and taking a break from boys, but the truth is I am just letting one run all over me.. and I'm not doing anything about it but trying to make HIM happy.

We basically started this community because we know that there are other girls who have been hurt by their opposite. We know that sometimes we need a little support, or encouragement. We know that sometimes you just gotta say "Eff Boys."

So with that, I am now going to say good-bye.. oh yes, and Welcome to eff_boys if you decide to join.

PS. If you decide to join the commun, I'd like you to leave a list of your interests so that we can add it to the list that we already made.
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