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i wish sean could understand what he does to me by sayin the things he does. hes eff'd in the head because... just because he is.

he tortures me, and makes me want to like him but i pull myself back. i dont want to like him, and i know if we start hangin and chillin again i will. i dont want that. why the eff do boys do these things to girls? they dont want relationships, but they dont want to be alone.

why the eff is it so hard to just be committed. its such a drastic measure for a guy. gosh. i just want to find someone someday and make them as happy as they make me. say jd for instance.

awww i love him.

sean i dont know what i want. sometimes i want u to go away and step out of my life then sometimes id like u to step back in. whats wrong with me, why am i so effin confused? :/
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